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Create Custom Post Type in WordPress

Custom post types are content types like posts and pages. By default, WordPress only comes with following: Post Page Attachment Nav Menu You can create your own custom post types and call them whatever you want. For example if you run an app review website, then you could create an...


Buddypress Group Invites Problem

By default Buddypress Groups does not allow you to invite non-friends and the administrator is stuck with making all users as friends before they can invite them. There is a very easy solution to this and works like a charm. This is the plugin called “Invite Anyone”.  You can download...

Enabling file type upload in  WordPress 0

Enabling file type upload in WordPress

You will need to add a new function in your theme’s FUNCTIONS.PHP file. function custom_upload_mimes ( $existing_mimes=array() ) {   // add your ext => mime to the array $existing_mimes[‘extension’] = ‘mime/type’;   // add as many as you like   // and return the new full result return $existing_mimes;...


Creating Child Theme in WordPress

WordPress offers the most flexible interface for designers to customise the design without touching a single line of PHP code. This is excellent but moreover it also offers the flexibility to adopt themes created by other designers. This functionality makes WordPress stand in a class of its own. You can...

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